Made in Austria
  Traditional craft
  Family business
  100% natural

  1. Mantel Anton Karo
    Regular Price €699.00 Special Price €399.00
  2. Mantel Lena Uni
    Regular Price €499.00 Special Price €349.00
  3. Rock Lorena
    Regular Price €299.00 Special Price €199.00
  4. Kleid Nadine Lenzburg Stretch
    Regular Price €329.00 Special Price €249.00
Giving away joy
The original Schladminger jacket
Our promise

We are proud of our Austrian roots and continue the centuries-old tradition of loden manufacture. All Steiner1888 fabrics are 100% made in Austria. As a family company, we also place great value on honesty and transparency. A harmonious cooperation is important to us - also when dealing with customers and suppliers. But above all, we are concerned with one thing: uncompromising quality. We only use natural products that we process according to old craftsmanship.

HOMELAND - Shaped by generations

Our family enterprise has been producing premium woolen fabrics with the utmost care and loving attention to detail for over 130 years. It is no coincidence that cloth fulling was developed in an area where there was an urgent need for durable, hard-wearing clothing. When avid mountain guide Franz Steiner took over the family loden fulling mill from his uncle in 1910, he was already a local legend: the year before, he and his brother Irg had been the first to scale the notorious south face of Dachstein mountain – wearing loden trousers from the family production mill, of course.

WOOL - a gift of nature

We have never used anything but natural materials for our loden production. The local sheep farmers have been supplying us with the robust wool of the Tyrolean Bergschaf for generations. This wool has exceptional properties when compared to other materials. We also refine it with wool from other animals, including alpacas, merino sheep, angora rabbits and cashmere goats. Our suppliers are carefully selected from all over the world according to strict animal welfare standards.

WATER - the wellspring of life

Because loden is fulled, i.e. thickened using hot water, a sufficient supply of clean water is one of the keystones of this craft. Our pure spring water from the Dachstein heights is one of the most important components in the production of loden. Fulling (in German “walken”) is the process of “kneading” the wet fabric until it becomes matted. Of course we pay close attention to optimum conservation of resources throughout the entire production process – this is also subject to constant strict monitoring.
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